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WAH - Women's Alliance For Humanity

Empowering Humanity  through Empowering Women
Building Harmonious Communities & One Peaceful World


WAH offers a series of programs, training, coaching, seminars, and workshops. Our programs are geared to advance the community through enhancing girls’ and women’s mind /emotional wellness, body wellness, and spiritual wellness.  

These programs will help to create a positive impact on young girls and women, and motivate them to dream bigger, and help them feel that their aspirations are within reach. In addition, WAH’s programs aspire to create a safe and fair environment for women and girls at home, work, in their communities, and around the world.

Women's Programs:
WIN- The power within

1. WIN: Women's Inspiration Network
WIN Sub- Programs:
·        You Are Fabulous – Body Wellness (series of workshops)
·        You Are Unique – Spiritual Wellness (series of workshops)  
·        You Are Powerful -- Mind Wellness (series of workshops)  
·        Educational & Awareness Forums
·        End of the Year Women's Clutural Day
·        Women's Circles (Marginalized Groups):
  African American Women Circle
  Hispanic American Women Circle
  Native American Women Circle
2. Job Readiness Training
3. Pre- Marriage Training  (series of workshops)  
4. World Women's Conference

Youth's Programs:
YES- Rise & Shine

1.    YES: Youth Empowerment & Success
Life-Prosperity training series include:
motivation, procrastination, self-confidence,  safety Awareness, goal setting,
time management, test- taking skills, my wellness (depression, anxiety, etc)
2.    Teens' Talks
3. World Youth's Conference

Multi-Cultural & Spiritual Community Programs:
Building harmonious communities & one peaceful world

1. COA: Children of Abraham
   (Shared Heritage, lineage & Values)
2. DOA: Daughters of Abraham
     (Shared Heritage, lineage & Values)
3. CPR: Community for Peace & Reconciliation
4. NIOS: Not in our State
  (combating racism, sexism, hatred & prejudice)  
5. DMT: Diversity  & Multi-Culture Training
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