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WAH - Women's Alliance For Humanity

Empowering Humanity  through Empowering Women
Building Harmonious Communities & One Peaceful World

WAH’s calling is to empower, advocate, educate, and support women and their contributions to their community and society.  
WAH is devoted to push for substantial improvement in women’s inspirational, social, emotional, educational/career, and spiritual status in their communities. The pursuit of more effective programs for women is one of WAH’s major agenda items.

We believe that all women should be treated with dignity, honor, and respect. Their societal value should never be ignored, degraded, disqualified or challenged. Girls and women need to edit the sexist undertones of the current language of societies. Such language does affect girls’ and women’s perceptions of themselves and their abilities. Girls and women also need to tune out the negative external pressures and dive deep into what really matters to their progress and self-fulfillment. Consequently, they will be able to find their inner strength and their calling in life to identify their path forward.

WAH offers a series of programs, training, coaching, seminars, and workshops. Our programs are geared to advance the community through enhancing girls’ and women’s mind /emotional wellness, body wellness, and spiritual wellness.  

These programs will help to create a positive impact on young girls and women, and motivate them to dream bigger, and help them feel that their aspirations are within reach. In addition, WAH’s programs aspire to create a safe and fair environment for women and girls at home, work, in their communities, and around the world.

Women's Empowerment Goals:
    • Raising awareness to defeat all negative, degrading, and hostile tones toward women
    • Educating girls and women to protect their self-determination; fear of being mocked or silenced should have no place in our world.
    • Building connections among like-minded women and amplifying the strength of all women in the community
    • Building women’s economic power which results in a higher contribution to their communities  
    • Helping girls and women to develop the life skills, tools, and strategies they need to pursue their dreams
Community Empowerment Goals:  
    • To raise a community that respects all individuals regardless of gender
    • To increase awareness of societal ills and evils that target girls and women
    • To increase advocacy for women’s rights and protection  
    • To raise a community that stands for "liberty and justice for All"  
    • To build a harmonious community & one peaceful world

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